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Cobb2020 Launches Community Health Improvement Event

The Weight of the Nation ... A Healthier Cobb Starts NOW! Inaugural Event

The Cobb2020 Partnership for a Healthier Cobb County launched its Cobb2020 Health Improvement Initiative at the inaugural event, The Weight is Over ... a Healthier Cobb Starts NOW!, on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at the Earl Smith Strand Theatre. The purpose of the Cobb2020 event was to bring together community leaders to address health issues affecting Cobb County and to collectively take action and join the Cobb2020 Partnership's Health Improvement Initiative.

Community participation was at its best, with more than 350 attendees from Cobb County. Guests received an introduction to the Cobb2020 Health Improvement Plan, designed to improve the overall health of the County through strategic actions that support a healthier Cobb, as well as an overview on growing community health issues from local, state and national perspectives.

"For the first time in Cobb County, we have hospital systems, physicians, other healthcare providers, local governments, schools, chambers of commerce, businesses, churches, civic organizations and nonprofits all coming together, dedicated to making our community healthier," said Jay Dillon, Cobb2020 Steering Committee chair and director of communications for the Cobb County School District. "I'm just amazed at the collaboration and momentum we've had so far. It's an exciting time."

WSB's Condace Pressley emceed the program that featured a keynote address from Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens. As chair of the Cobb2020 Steering Committee, Jay Dillon provided an overview on the community health process Cobb2020 is using to initiate health improvements. Guests were also enthused by remarks from two nationally renowned public health leaders of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Judith Monroe, deputy director of the Office of State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support (OSTLTS), and Dr. Ursula Bauer, director of the National Prevention Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP). The speakers energized the crowd and further emphasized the importance of the Cobb2020 Health Improvement Initiative.

The program also featured a brief highlight of the HBO "Weight of the Nation," national film series, which addresses America's rising obesity epidemic. A Cobb2020 Call to Action film followed to showcase ways in which several influential leaders in the Cobb community have made a commitment to health improvements. Students from Sope Creek Elementary School engaged the crowd in a physical activity routine, and local comedian Scott Davis also provided "laughter for good health" through his personal weight lost testimonial.

Sope Creek Elementary Grooving to Action

Students at Sope Creek Elementary kick start their mornings with their Sunrise Program – 20 minutes of running, playing games, dancing and jumping to music. This is a voluntary program to start a day of learning with high-energy fitness routines. Click HERE to watch the video from the event.

Cobb Leaders Advocating for Healthy Changes

Cobb2020 believes the best way to be effective in community health improvement is to start locally – with local governments, educators, business owners and healthcare providers. Several instrumental leaders in the Cobb community and State have already committed to the Cobb2020 health movement and are encouraging others to join. Hear from Governor Nathan Deal, Cobb County Manager David Hankerson, WellStar CEO Reynold Jennings, Lockheed Martin Vice President Shan Cooper, Mayor of Kennesaw Mark Mathews and Cobb & Douglas Public Health Director Jack Kennedy, MD, on how their organizations are supporting healthy workforces in the Cobb2020 Call to Action video, produced by Cobb County Government TV23, debuted at the launch of the Cobb2020 Health Initiative. Click HERE to watch the video.

We Can Change this Unhealthy Outlook!

The Cobb2020 Partnership, a collaboration of community organizations and individuals, is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of essential health services in Cobb County. The plan involves creating a strategic policy to implement wellness changes that make it easier for everyone to embrace a healthier lifestyle and proper nutrition.

This is an exciting time for Cobb County! The decisions we make collectively today will impact individuals, families, employees and our entire community for many years to come. It is time to work together as a community, both as leaders and members, to make our community a healthier place to live.

It's Clear There is Work to Do!

For the first time in America, today's children are not expected to live as long as their parents. Cobb County is one of Georgia's most robust economies, but its overall community health statistics need improvement in reducing and preventing chronic disease such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and lung cancer. If Cobb's 700,000 resident were to collectively look into a mirror, they might see a reflection of escalating rates of obesity and deteriorating health.

  • Nearly 24% of Cobb County adults and 12% of its youth are considered obese.
  • Heart disease, cancer and stroke are the leading causes of illness and premature death in Cobb County.
  • Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer mortality for both men and women in Cobb County.
  • Diabetes is the 18th leading cause of death in Cobb County.
  • The age adjusted mortality rate for Cobb County is lower than it is for Georgia.

These are numbers we just can't live with – literally!

Join Community Voices Improving Healthy Choices

Sign our pledge for change! The best way to create a healthy community is to get everyone involved. From large organizations to families and individuals, everyone in the community needs to become involved with our effort to make Cobb a better place to live. Sign the Cobb2020 Pledge for a Healthier Cobb County at

Send Your Health-Related Events to our Calendar!
Know of an upcoming event that encourages physical activity, proper nutrition or maintaining a healthy lifestyle? If so, add your voice to our calendar of events! To submit a Cobb County health-related event, CLICK HERE.

We appreciate your time and involvement to support this critical health improvement initiative. We look forward to working with you to help make Cobb County the healthiest place to live, work, learn and play!

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