Stay Healthy With Cobb2020 During the Holidays!

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Stay Healthy During the Holidays with Cobb2020!       

Offering Health Tips to Stay Healthy and Active

Welcome to the November edition of Cobb2020's monthly newsletter, the Cobb2020 Voice. With Thanksgiving just around the corner and the holiday season upon us, we may struggle with tables filled with endless tasty treats and not enough time for exercise. But there are opportunities to stay healthy and fit while enjoying the festive season. Below are some simple and easy ways to focus on your family's health and stay active over the holidays. And, remember to keep moving with Walk Cobb and don't forget to participate in Cobb2020's Photovoice contest for the chance to win a FREE IPAD MINI and more!. The deadline for entries is Novermber 25. See below for contest details.

Choose Healthy Foods

Discover the Hidden Nutrition in Your Thanksgiving Meal!

It's Thanksgiving day is often full of delicious and calorie-packed foods that can easily add up to a 4,000 calorie meal. It's no secret that this holiday is centered around eating, but let's not forget that many of the traditional Thanksgiving foods are actually nutritious and can even be prepared in healthy ways!

- Turkey: This centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal is a lean protein that offers an antioxidant and virtually has no saturated fat. Avoid basting your turkey with butter or oil and try using low-fat, low-salt broth, wine or juice to cut calories.

- Mashed Potatoes: Save yourself some extra work and leave the skins on for added fiber and potassium.

- Stuffing: A Thanksgiving favorite, make the switch from white bread to whole wheat bread for extra whole grains. And, add in lots of veggies such as carrots, celery and onions for added flavor and nutrition.

- Cranberries: Bursting with flavor, this side dish is chock full of antioxidants. Try cutting the sugar called for in the recipe by at least half to cut down on unnecessary calories.

Choose to Move

Bringing SPARK to Cobb County and Marietta Schools!

October Under a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program, the Cobb County School District and Marietta City Schools will train elementary and middle school physical education teachers in a research-based program called Sports, Play and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK).

The SPARK program, which strives to improve the health of children and adolescents by disseminating evidence-based physical education, after school, early childhood and coordinated school health programs to teachers and recreation leaders serving pre-K to 12th grade students, highlights a curriculum that includes over 500 different activities presented in more than 20 themed, instructional units.

Training for certified physical educators in Cobb County and Marietta City Schools will be held the week of November 18, 2013 at the CCSD Skyview Professional Learning Center in Marietta, GA.

Congrats to the Cobb County School District and Marietta City Schools for getting active, choosing to move and "sparking" the need for more physical activity. Keep up the great work!

For more information on the SPARK programs, Click here.

Bike to School With Help From the We Can! in Cobb Coalition

In honor of last month's International Walk to School Day on October 9, We Can! in Cobb Coalition held a small celebration to install a new bike rack at Floyd Middle School to replace a smaller and older one to encourage kids to continue walking and biking to school as a measure for reducing childhood obesity. At the event, We Can! in Cobb Coalition also partnered with SafeKids and WellStar Health System to provide education on pedestrian safety, helmets to bikers, reflectors and other goodies. Great work everyone!

Choose Healthy Lungs

Seconhand Smoke Affects ALL

Cobb2020 There is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. Children, expectpant mothers, people with heart conditions and asthmatics are especially susceptible to the harmful effects. Everyone has the right to breathe smoke-free air and that's why Cobb2020 thinks it is important to educate the public on tobacco-use and evidence-based initiatives which prevent chronic illnesses.

One way communities have been able to impact tobacco use is by implementing tobacco-free polices. These policies have been shown to be effective for reducing overall tobacco use rates and protecting the health of the majority who choose not to use tobacco. The CDC has made policy change part of its "best practices" because of the demonstrated effectiveness.

Several cities in Georgia including the City of Savannah and the City of Athens have already implemented ordinances supporting smoke-free environments and seen positive impacts. Recently, Cobb2020 in partnership with members of the Cobb Chamber Health Council and American Cancer Society, were invited to make a presentation to the City of Kennesaw to educate the City Council about strengthening the smoking ordinance.

Eliminating smoking in public places will reduce the number of tobacco-related illnesses and deaths, which number more than 11,000 each year in Georgia alone. These types of laws provide cleaner and safer environments for communities to live, work and play.

Are you or someone you know looking for support to kick the habit? Call the Georgia Quit Line 1.877.270.STOP (7867) for resources and support.

Choose to Eat Less, Lose More

Don't Deny Yourself, Make Smart Choice

Healthy living is about balance and with so many tasty and tempting treats ahead for the holiday season, don't deny yourself - just make smart choices. The key is balancing out high calorie foods with healthier foods and physical activity. Follow these tips from WebMD to help you have a satisfying and balanced Thanksgiving meal.

- Get active and burn off some extra calories
- Don't skip breakfast
- Lighten up your recipes
- Police your portions
- Slowly savor your meal
- Go easy on the alcohol
- Be realistic with temptations
- Focus on family & friends - not just food

For more information on these tips, Click here.

And, use the Thanksgiving calorie counter to total your Thanksgiving feast calories and see how far you must walk in steps, miles and kilometers to burn your meal off. Click here for the Thanksgiving calorie counter.

Keep Active With a Holiday Fitness Challenge

Fight off holiday weight gain with the WellStar Maintain, Don't Gain! Holiday Challenge from November 18 - December 31. Join the FREE fitness challenge and receive:

- Weekly nutrition and fitness tips
- Healthy for the holidays workshops
- Weekly cross functional fitness classes
- Opportunity to win great prizes

For more information or to sign up to take the Maintain, Don't Gain! Holiday Challenge, Click here.

Cobb2020 Spotlight

Cobb2020 Celebrates its One-Year Anniversary

Join Cobb2020 celebrated it's one year anniversary this past October with two successful events out in the community.

At the Healthcare Summit hosted by the Cobb Chamber and WellStar Health System, we served as a sponsor and roundtable facilitators for group discussions on how businesses can implement worksite wellness strategies.

And, at the Radio Disney TRYathlon event at Kennesaw State University's Owl 'o Ween Hot Air Balloon Festival, we mingled with Cobb community members and attendees about simple ways to make healthy living fun for the whole family and we kept the crowd moving with nonstop hula hoop fun!

Thanks to everyone who came out and helped us celebrate our one-year anniversary and to all of our partners who helped us participate at our events!

Don't forget this is the last month to join the Cobb2020 Photovoice project for the chance to win an iPod Touch, iPad Mini or Amazon gift cards. Go out into the community and capture photos images that represent your thoughts on obesity epidemic until November 25, 2013 For more information on how to participate in the Cobb2020 Photovoice contest, specific rules or to download the forms, Click here.

Upcoming Health Events

Get Moving on Thanksgiving Day with the Gobble Jog!

The The 11th annual Gobble Jog is the perfect way to fit in some exercise and burn some extra calories before enjoying your Thanksgiving feast. Be a part of a world record on Thanksgiving Day and join the fun! For more information on Gobble Jog, Click here.

Don't miss the the UGA/Cobb County Cooperative Extension's Affordable (Health) Care Informational Workshop on November 19, 2013. For more information, Click here.

We would also love to hear about your upcoming health-related events in Cobb County as well, so lets us know if you have any community-wide event suggestions. Send them to .