Addison Elementary and Cobb2020 Promote Lacrosse 101 for students

The The following is a success story featuring Addison Elementary working with Cobb2020 to promote physical activity in Coach Golden's physical education classes!

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Addison Elementary and Cobb2020 Lacrosse 101 for Students

This past January we partnered with the Cobb2020 Initiative to purchase lacrosse sticks and balls. With the the help of Cobb2020, I decided to offer Lacrosse 101 classes to our 4th and 5th grade students before school on Tuesday and Thursday. Lacrosse 101 goes over basic stick skills, as well as gives additional physical activity time for the students before school. Parents are responsible for getting the students to school by 7:20 AM on their particular day and it last until the morning bell at 7:45 AM. We have roughly 25 total boys and girls that attend regularly each week. In the future we hope to grow the program to include more students and grades.

- Coach Golden

Addison Elementary student playing lacrosse