Schools Across Cobb County Committing to Healthy Lifestyles with Fitness Activities

The following are success stories of schools across Cobb County that are dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and stressing the importance of physical fitness to their students and going the extra mile to get kids moving. Great work everyone!

Big Shanty School
Nancy Cobelli, P.E.

At Big Shanty, we get fitness in our day other than P.E. through:

- Intelleboost
- Adventures to Fitness
- Boys Running Club
- Girls Running Club
- Cardio kids after school
- Before School Walking 100 Mile CLub
- Teacher exercise class after school recess

Blackwell Elementary School
Mandy Spence & Chester Ransom

Our school, Blackwell Elementary, is adding physical activity to our school day by providing the following after school activities for students:

- Karate
- Tennis
- Kilometer Kids running program
- Intelleboost
- Golf
- Fencing
- Kids in Motion Dance
- Challenge Island adventure course

Clarkdale School
Cathy Smith

At Clarkdale this is what we do for Power Up 30

- Intelleboost – in classroom
- Adventures to Fitness – in classroom
- Morning dance with announcements
- 15 minutes of activity in the morning for student rewards.

Fair Oaks Elementary
Kindra Brock, Ed.D, Physical Education Teacher

School-wide at Fair Oaks Elementary School in Smyrna, we believe in the importance of balancing life and fitness. Recently, the staff has been given the opportunity to exercise in the afternoons. Their options are workout videos such as Zumba, as well as walking/jogging class four afternoons per week. In addition to the regularly scheduled physical education and recess times, the students are given the option to go to walking club in the morning and utilize workout videos in their classes during the day. These fitness initiatives have provided student leadership opportunities around the building. This positive outcome paired with the benefits of exercise leads all of us to believe that our standardized test scores will continue to rise. Looking ahead, we would like to plan on incorporating student-parent exercise classes in the afternoons within our community. This is how we Power Up for 30!

Keheley Elementary School
Stephanie Lawson, Physical Education teacher

We have a morning walking program called Walk Fit before the school day starts on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. This is in place of a car/bus duty. Some schools will not let this happen, and I am very lucky that this is my duty. We also have an after school running club called Kilometer Kids for 5th grade students, and we are following the Kilometer Kids program from the Atlanta Track Club. Karate is also available after school, but it is not free. I go on the morning news once a week and lead students in physical activity to wake up their brains and to give a healthy tip of the week. Again, because I have the Walk Fit duties on the other days, I cannot do the morning news every day. We also have a recess schedule in place, but we are working on increasing the amount of time outside by 10 minutes.

Lewis Elementary School
Kathy Richardson

Besides the Physical Education classes at our school, we have recess and other activities during the day. We also have a morning fitness program that meets 2 days a week – Power Up Fitness. The students engage in a variety of activities during the program. Adventure to Fitness is used along with Intelleboost in the classrooms, depending on the classroom's agenda for the day. We are currently working on details to incorporate Kilometer Kids into the day too.

McClure Middle School
Doug Hutwagner

We have several things going on at McClure Middle School to promote health and fitness. We have morning intramurals 4 days week from 8:00-8:45 AM. We have a cross counttry team that practices 4 days a week. We have a teacher who has about 20 girls who dance 2 times a month in the morning.

As part of our health initiative, the cafeteria does a Try It Tuesday, where the kids try new foods, and we are now adding a food critic to the morning announcements for Try It Tuesday. We have planned a school-wide hike up Kennesaw Mountain, as well as 4 nights when parents can play their parents in the games that students are taught in P.E. And, P.E. ends their units in volleyball and basketball in a faculty /student game.

Mountain View Elementary
Nancy Janas and Brian Devore

At Mountain View Elementary we have integrated the following programs into our school day:

- Adventure to Fitness (AM Morning news shows)
- JAMMIN Minute videos (AM News show)
- Intelleboost (AM News show)
- Let's Move- Walking Weeks integrated within the school year for grades K-5 at least 1 week/month
- Brain Gym Movements
- Cross Fit Instant Warm-ups
- 6 Walk to School Days (sponsored by our Health and Wellness committee)
- Staff email including websites and information on Adventure to Fitness, Jammin Minute, Intelleboost, Go Noodle, and Power Up for 30
- Integrating Fitness Finder rewards for our walking progra
- After School Clubs/Activities:
    - Karate classes
    - Chess club
    - Science club

Nicholson Elementary School
Michael Dougherty

Nicholson Elementary has walkfit which is kids can come in the gym and exercise before school starts for 25 minutes. Walkfit is offered 2x a week.

Nickajack Elementary School

Eric Homansky, Physical Education Teacher

My name is Eric Homansky and I am the P.E. teacher at Nickajack ES in Smyrna. Along with running a comprehensive Physical Education program I make it a priority to include extra opportunities for my students to get physically active outside of P.E. class. Students can come in from 7:20-7:50 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings to participate in Boot Camp, Zumba/Group Aerobics and Jammin' Jogging Laps. We also offer a mileage club to any class that would like to participate. Each student moves around our track recording their laps. For every 4 miles they jog, they earn a plastic toe token. We currently have 32 classes participating outside of the Physical Education classroom.

In addition to that, all of our grade level teachers utilize Adventure to Fitness, an online virtual reality type game and Intelleboost. I also have a jogging club in the afternoons where students train for a 5K. The club meets every week, and the students learn the basics of running technique, pacing and determination. We had close to 75 students train and complete the Jonquil Jog 5K in April of last year and plan on expanding the program this year. At the beginning of the program most of the kids had never run more than a mile. By the end, every kid in the group finished the 5K in under 36 minutes with our fastest student completing the race in a little over 23 minutes.

As an advocate for physical activity and health I feel it is my job to give my students every opportunity to be successful and increase their overall health. With the addition of Power Up for 30 and programs like it I feel like we are moving in the right direction.

Teasley Elementary School
Coach Mainor, Physical Education Teacher 2nd-5th

At Teasley Elementary we are doing for the 2nd year, a morning Rise & Shine exercise program starting in two weeks from 7:20 to 7:50 AM. We also have Adventures In Fitness going on in the classroom. In addition, students have assigned exercise homework to be completed each day.