Cobb2020 Website Helps Residents Become Healthier

The following is an article from the East Cobber, featuring the Cobb2020 website and how Cobb2020 can help residents start making healthy changes.

Cobb2020 Website Helps Residents Become Healthier

Many popular New Year's resolutions center on weight, fitness, nutrition and quitting smoking. Cobb2020 wants to help residents stay focused on the importance of making meaningful commitments to better health and sticking to them.

Whether you need help making smarter food choices for your family, jump-starting a fitness plan or quitting your smoking habit, the Cobb2020 Partnership helps you sustain your goals with daily tips, resources and healthy ideas. The Web site,, provides an overview and gives the opportunity to sign a pledge for a healthier Cobb County.

Cobb2020 is a partnership of community organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of essential health services in Cobb. Through a strategic process called Mobilizing Action Through Planning and Partnerships, or MAPP, Cobb2020 assessed the current health status of the county and is developing a Community Health Plan. The initiative is made possible with funding from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. For more information, visit

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